About us

About Super Sports

Super Sports Camps provides top level coaching in a fun environment to players of all abilities aged 5-16.

We offer Hockey, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Netball, Tennis & Dance/Gymnastics.

All 7 sports are coached in the same location and so the opportunity to experience 2 or more in any one day/week exists.

Our market research suggests that most young players aged 6-16 enjoy more than one sport and desire to be the best they can be.

There is a great deal of worldwide research extolling the benefits of ‘transferable skills’ acquired through practising more than one sport.


At Super Sports Camps:

We offer fun, enjoyable and intensive coaching programmes in the 7 sports, combining; specific skills, masterclasses, tournaments, fun and games.

Our inspirational, professional and qualified coaches in Hockey, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Netball, Tennis & Dance/Gymnastics are committed to developing the skill level of every young player aged 5-16 under their supervision.


  • Each day is broken down into six sports sessions, with breaks in between. Before each session, every player chooses which of the 7 sports they would like to take part in. 
  • We encourage/enable young players to practice more than one sport to become ‘multi-talented’ individuals, learning and developing all transferable skills.
  • We separate players by age and/or skill level to provide appropriate coaching for each participant.
  • We improve the general fitness levels of each player, providing a solution to the current global problem of poor health & fitness.
  • We endeavour to create a generation of sporting ambassadors and young role models.


At Super Sports Camps, Health & Safety is top priority. We are OFSTED registered and take every precaution necessary to create a safe environment for sports coaching and care of young children.

  • We follow strict Health & Safety procedures, and take every precaution necessary in order to create a fun and safe environment for optimum sports performance.
  • We carry out regular risk assessments on all facilities and activities.
  • We are fully insured.
  • All coaches are DBS checked and First Aid trained.